Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thing 21
My personal learning goal was to learn new things about technology. The idea of taking this class was very intimidating to me. To my surprise, the way the class is structured help me to feel confident in completing the course. It helped that the task were posted a few at a time and there was not hard dead line to finish the jobs. This is very helpful and reduced the stress.

My favorite experiences were diigo. This has helped me to organize my favorite websites. Before diggo, I would have to keep a paper copy of my favorite websites and hope I would not lose it. Using diigo has helped me to feel advanced in the technology world. Another favorite is the photo tools. The tools are easy and the final product is amazing! These tools are so easy and the ease of use also makes it fun. I usually do not upload my photos but now I am motivated to upload them and use these exciting photo tools.

I feel empowered to use a variety of technology tools!

Exploring Web2.0 Tools

I reviewed the following web2.0: Prezi, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Slideshare


This website allows people to share and view other’s presentations.

I could use this as a resource for finding presentations on topics of interests.

In my job, I often need to develop professional development. I could use this site to help me think and plan a presentation.

I have used Skype to view Reading Recovery lesson. This has been a great tool. The viewers had the opportunity to see a lesson. After the lesson, the group discussed the lesson and everyone learns from the event.
Part of my job involves visiting teachers. Skype could be utilized for the site visit instead of a face-to-face visit. I could view the lesson via Skype. With this technology, I could see a lesson over multiple days to assist in the problem solving and collaboration.
I use Skype to talk to family in England. It is wonderful to talk and see the family. It keeps us connected. Skype it isn't as good as a hug but I can be part of the UK family even from afar.

Play Week Reflection

Online Book Cataloging
This would be useful as a research tool to help in selecting books.
Before this knowledge, I would have roamed around Barnes and Noble or looked for the Oprah Book Club listing. Now I can use technology and even see the ratings of books before making a selection.
Fun Image Generators
I can't wait to teach my grandchildren how to use this website.
They will have great fun in creating posters from photographs.
I am unsure how to use this professionally.
Being a visual person, Jing has helped me learn and experience technology without tears. It is a highly scaffolded technique that gave me confidence to try new things. I love the idea and of course the success I had with each experience motivated me to learn the next new thing.

Reflection of Photo Tools

These photo tools are really fun to create and the end product is amazing!
With photo peach, I could show the components of a Reading Recovery lesson and turn it into a quiz for Reading Recovery teachers in training. This would be a great way to review the lesson components.
The possibilities are endless when you think about using the photo tools on a personal level. I could make slide shows using Animoto of the family and send them to my daughters. I have one daughter who lives in London. I was thinking that sending her family a slide show with music for Christmas would be great and help us all feel connected.

Photo Peach

Happy Times on PhotoPeach

My Animoto